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Orphaned Land, making the world better

Dimanche 30 juin 2013

For once, I won’t talk about IT, or not directly, I will talk about Orphaned Land, a wonderful Metal band from Israel.

A few years ago, I’ve discovered them when a friend sent me a MP3 of The Kiss Of Babylon. I was just starting to listen to Metal at that time and I really liked it.

I didn’t really listen to them back then until I went to the Hellfest (a Metal festival in Clisson, France) in 2011. They were on my top list of the bands I wanted to see and I haven’t been disappointed. The show was awesome, probably the best memory I have. Kobi, the singer, was sharing his love and peace with the public while Yossi (guitar) was smiling for the entire show. Johanna Fakhry, a Lebanese belly dancer was also performing with them and when she and Kobi raised the Lebanese and Israeli flags side by side, I felt the intensity of that moment. It was kind of far from the Metal stereotypes of black, anger and death.

You can learn more about that story from Yossi actually: Yossi Sassi: The power of music to unite the world

So when their new album All Is One got announced and the song Brother released, I definitely fell in love. Now, I’m catching up, I’ve received All Is One, The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR as well, and waiting for three others.

I was wondering how to share their music, support their message of peace which is so beautiful and genuine. And then it hit me: that’s my job!
Thus, I built a promotion campaign for them (with the permission of my company of course) and I will give 4 CDs of All Is One away (at least).

My roommate asked me: « But what do you get from that? » and while it sounded awkward to him, I said « nothing ». I just hope to make the world a little better by spreading Orphaned Land’s message and if someone can discover them and feel the same emotions as I do when I listen to them, this will be my reward.

All Is One